Insist Big Tech Fix Russian meddling in our Elections

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My vote is in danger and so is yours. Marching is not enough..

The future of our democracy is at stake and the  leaders in our technology industries, are in a position to save it.  The four Trump-appointed directors of our intelligence services testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that they are certain that the Russians interfered with our election in 2016 and they are going to interfere with our midterm elections in 2018. Last month the Deputy Attorney General announced an indictment against 13 Russian national individuals and three Russian organizations that interfered with the 2016 election. As if all this is not enough we now know Facebook has let our private information to be used for political purposes.

This is outrageous.  Can we trust this administration and/or Congress to research a solution and appropriate the funds to save the integrity of our elections? Even though $120 million was appropriated to the State Department to prepare for this intrusion, so far zero dollars have been spent..

When the Affordable Care network roll-out was substandard, experts from private industry stepped up to make the system work and save healthcare for millions of people.

Now our country is faced with an even larger threat—one that will imperil the dreams of our founders and all those who have fought so hard to gain the right to vote.  .

 Not only are our social media accounts being trolled with bots and infiltrated with misinformation, but our voting machines, whose designs were often handed to the lowest bidder, are vulnerable to hacking.  Listening to the increasingly scary news about interference in our elections, citizens will be less inclined to vote just when that vote is more important than ever.

While we appreciate the incredible technological advances  the tech companies  have brought to consumers, the darker unforeseen consequences of these technologies are such that only they  have the monetary resources and expertise to combat them.  We as citizens must  implore them to take on this patriotic challenge and direct the best and brightest from their  companies to defeat the Russian plans to destroy our democracy.  This would include a comprehensive and well-funded plan for protecting critical infrastructure, countering cyber attacks and mitigating propaganda and disinformation. 

Most of these CEO's have spoken eloquently about the chances they had in America to invest in their  dreams and to grow their  companies. Now they should accept our challenge  to keep the dream alive for all Americans.

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.                                       Democracy is not a spectator sport..


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