Tell Apple to review and approve Speed Cameras Alert app which displays Speed Cameras Alerts

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Tell Apple to review and approve Speed Cameras Alert app which displays Speed Cameras Alerts

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Charles Yeh started this petition to Apple Tim Cook

Speed cameras Alert app was submitted for review

App got rejected for the following reason:

Your app contains content - or facilitates, enables, and encourages an activity - that is not legal in all of the locations where the app is available. Specifically, the primary purpose of your app is to identify speed trap locations.

My response:

Using my app is not breaking any local law; it's helping the user slow down when there is speed camera around the user. It’s like a friend sitting next to you while you drive; and letting you know that there is speed camera ahead.

My app is an utility app that help user slow down if he is over speed limit thus create a safe situation. Without using the app, he would have got a ticket and in the process the speed might got him into an accident. The app is like user's guardian angel always watching out for him to let him know the situation around him.

Speed camera locations are published by MPD in the following link


Since speed camera locations are already identified by MPD, my app just save the user trouble of looking it up in the Speed camera locations list for the speed cameras around the user

Speed camera is not the same as speed trap. Here is a definition of speed trap : an area of road in which hidden police detect vehicles exceeding a speed limit, typically by radar. from the following link

Since Speed camera is not associated with police officer’s location, there is no issue of endangering police as in the case of speed trap location.  The reviewers said Speed camera and speed trap are the same which goes against common sense.


Here is a link with more info about the app!location-based-alert/c1rab

Transcript of communcation between me and reviewers

youtube video link

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This petition had 46 supporters