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Get Infant Annihilator Back On ITunes & Spotify

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Music is more than just a sound. It's art. It's emotion. It's love. It's hate. It's happiness. It's anger. It's sorrow. We should be able to express ourselves freely and passionately. Infant Annihilator's overall theme and message is dark, uncomfortable, and angry. And I for one love it. And so does hundreds of thousands of others. They are genuine people who are passionate about what they do. Now for them to take something they've created with a light in there eyes, and try to put it out to the world is beautiful. And it needs to be respected, not censored. Just because their lyrics, sound, and image may take you from your safe space doesn't mean it's any less important that say: Taylor Swift's music. I am a huge Infant Annihilator fan and it hurts me to see them get censored. I'm creating this petition to ask for ITunes, Spotify, Tunecore, and any other platforms who have removed their music to peacefully and gracefully put it back up. There are people who need music out there, and Infant Annihilator may be the band they need to listen to, to get through the day. I am a daily user of Itunes and Spotify. Please, put their music back up.

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