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Change the Standards of Apple

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Tim Cook has ruined Apple and completely messed up the company. The new software for OS X 10.8.3 removed Safari when I updated. The application review board has completely changed and been horrible and rejects all of the applications that I've submitted. All of the applications that they make are horrible, crash, and are nothing but crap. The new iTunes is nothing but crap that everybody hates. Everything worked fine and met everybody's standards, now everything is horrible and a piece of crap.

1) To this petition I want Tim Cook to allow more applications to be admitted to the app store, and if they do reject the application have a valid reason

2) Change the new iTunes back to the old iTunes so we can use Cover Flow

3) Test their applications to make sure that they work

4) Make sure that they applications they make have a use

5) Set a written standard for the application in the application store

6) Let the users downgrade the products so when they upgrade and they don't like the change the can downgrade and be happy

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