Add these two emotes on Apple and Android devices

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Both Apple and Android devices come equipped with tons of often useless emotes, that exist with the sole purpose of adding to the number, to show off the capacities of the productors and to make consumers feel like they are included. Most of them however are rarely or never used by the majority of people. In the struggle to put more and more useless emotes, though, both companies have stopped putting in effort to represent the real emotions that people, especially young, feel in their everyday life. The result of this way of acting is that young consumers feel as if their emotions are inadequately ignored by big corporations. With these two new emotes added to our phones, we as a generation that strives to emerge in this chaotic times will be finally able to express ourselves and our emotions freely. The appeal of the products with these emotes in will skyrocket as they will be seen as technology that is finally directed towards the customer and their desires instead of just another empty try to relate to kids directed by an uncaring multimillion dollar company only appealed by the money. Youngest generations strive for a world where the main goal of a company will be the well-being of the customer, and together we can make it happen.