TikTok Must Ban Videos That Mock Disabled People.

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The discrimination is not a new thing with TikTok.

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your support. I was so angry this morning when I saw the videos that are now doing the rounds on fb as well (shared from TikTok). The more I read the more I can see the major problems this platform has in regards to disability, inclusion, and anti-discrimination. Here is an article from earlier this year where the leaked documents are discussed further.

This is one of the most disturbing parts of the article-

TikTok’s moderators were instructed to exclude videos from the For You feed if they failed on any one of a number of categories, the documents show. Users with an “abnormal body shape (not limited to: dwarf, acromegaly),” who are “chubby … obese or too thin” or who have “ugly facial looks or facial deformities” should be removed, one document says, since “if the character’s appearance is not good, the video will be much less attractive, not worthing [sic] to be recommended to new users.” 

It appears that the initial worries about suppression and censoring of disabled peoples content is true. A few of the comments from people signing the petition speak of this censoring.

I know that the head company that tuns TikTok is based in China, and that still a number of their moderators are based in China. It is a global platform though and therefore has to be open to global criticism and pushback on its flawed policies and treatment of disabled people.


Elizabeth Wright
5 months ago