Tiktok: Change your moderation to protect creators, not bigots!

Tiktok: Change your moderation to protect creators, not bigots!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Amalia Rubin

The Tiktok moderation algorithm currently protects bigots and bullies while punishing creators, especially minority creators. this occurs in the following ways:

-Banning based on number of accusations, not guilt: if a creator is accused of hate speech, appeals, and is found not in violation, Tiktok still counts this towards their “multiple violation” count. This means that a creator who has never had a violating video can be blocked for “multiple violations” due to being accused. Bullies and bigots know this and mass report creators. This means creators are punished for being accused, regardless of guilt. 

-Exposing hate is penalized as “hate”: many minority creators have shown screen shots or duets of the hate actions of other specifically to demonstrate and educate and reduce hate. These educational videos are taken down as “hate speech”, and the creators may be banned. 

-Protecting hate creators due to single-category reporting and dog whistles: Racist, antisemitic, transphobic etc. content is often deemed not to violate community guidelines because either the automated moderation does not know about dogwhistle hate, or because hate speech may be reported as bullying or vice versa. One is unable to appeal these rulings

In order to create a safe and bigotry-free Tiktok environment, we ask Tiktok to do the following:

-Erase Successfully Appealed “Violations” from Creators’ Violation Count: If a creator successfully appeals a violation charge against a video and Tiktok deems it to be a “safe” video, this “violation” should be immediately removed from their record. Just as a person found innocent of a crime cannot be held responsible for being accused, a video deemed innocent should not punish the creator. This will also prevent bullies from getting creators banned through mass reporting. 

-Videos reporting hate that a creator has received or experienced must not count as hate speech: If I, for example, make a video about a swastika being spray painted on my home, I should not be punished for showing that I am the victim of a hate crime. 

Allow Multiple Checkbox Reporting: Since hate speech against minorities is also often bullying and vice versa, when reporting a video, we should have the option of checking up to 3 violations. If the video violates any of them, it should be removed. 

-Educate Moderators About Current Dog Whistles and Hate Symbols: Bigots and hate organizations thrive in the shadows. In order to fight them, it is important to stay up to date on recent “dog whistles” and hate symbols that they use to threaten their victims. 

Tiktok is an increasingly popular app being used for socializing and education. However unless Tiktok repairs these flaws, it will be overrun by bullies and bigots, while good creators will be silenced. 

487 have signed. Let’s get to 500!