Stop TikTok From Discriminating Towards Pups

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TikTok is allowing discrimination towards people who consider themselves "pups" and allowing people to report our content as pornagraphic when we are doing nothing sexual at all other than wearing a pup hood.

This is an unfair biased and discrimination towards people who consider themselves pups when many of us use this as a means of therapy by helping us build self-confidence or actually be ourselves with no fear of being made fun of or picked on by people we know or our family members. TikTok allowing such discrimination towards pups because they are allowing the pup hood to be considered pornographic is only doing the opposite and allowing bullying and harassment of a human being.

TikTok also allows obsessive bullying to happen to people who consider themselves pups by allowing users on the app to post hateful comments and even content that encourages violence and/or suicide and this has actually led to a few suicides on the platform because the TikTok staff does nothing and allows these videos to remain up even though they are clear violation of their community guidelines.

This petition is to help raise awareness and put an end to TikTok allowing this discrimination.