Stop Removing Mental Health Awareness Content on TikTok

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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Izzi, @whorochimaru on TikTok. My main platform is providing mental health education that is suitable to viewers of all ages. Nearly every video I post talking about mental health, abuse, or suicide (in a suitable manner clearly within the community guidelines), my videos get removed from the for you page or taken down. I have appealed the claims, and emailed TikTok several times over the past few months and received zero responses. I am starting college in the fall to one day become a school counselor or teen therapist, and I am trying to use my platform to educate younger audiences, and hopefully contribute to the decrease in suicides. This pandemic has caused an exponential increase in suicides, yet no one else is talking about it. TikTok has also flagged my monetized content that I need to be able to pay for college. Due to the lack of resources I had, I was unable to be diagnosed with ADHD until after I graduated high school. This was detrimental to my GPA and caused me to only be able to qualify for one scholarship that does not even cover a quarter of the costs to get an education. I want to be able to provide resources to all communities so no one has to struggle mentally like I did in high school. TikTok claims to be all about inclusivity but fails to include those involved in the mental health community. I am trying to prove to the world that someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and past trauma can overcome those obstacles and lend a helping hand to others in need.