Stop Antisemitism on TikTok

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We, the Jewish Creators on TikTok, are petitioning the app to crack down more on the casual and blatant antisemitism running rampant. Ranging from Holocaust Jokes, to severe antisemitism for just mentioning “Israel”, to people openly calling for our deaths, to even muting Jewish Creators for mentioning being Jewish.

Whilst antisemitism is a huge problem that wont be fixed with one petition, we do ask TikTok to work on their recognition of hate speech and stop letting things slide through the cracks whilst simultaneously silencing Jewish Creators.

The big asks are:

  1. Remove all videos with Swastikas.
    1. Swastikas may have started as a religious symbol, but the meaning was completely warped and shifted and we know when people are using it for hate.
    2. There was one that got over 660k likes and took over a week to get taken down after NUMEROUS reports and complaints from Jewish Creators, whose videos talking about it were taken down instead
  2. Take down clearly antisemitic videos
    1. That includes (but isn’t limited to) - Blaming all Jews for the Israeli government, making Holocaust Jokes, pretending to be Hitler, using Jewish trauma for views, Anne Frank POVs, HOLOCAUST DENIAL (which most other social media platforms have a policy against) 
    2. Train the TikTok review team on what antisemitism truly is.
  3. Be wary of people with 1488, 88, etc in their bios, usernames, etc.
    1. The 88 stands for HH, no thanks
  4. Stop putting videos under review for #Jewish #Jew #antisemitism #Israel
    1. They’re immediately put under review just for those hashtags
  5. Stop putting videos under review for educating about Judaism, the Holocaust, etc
    1. Being Jewish isn’t hate speech
    2. We can talk about our trauma, we can talk about the Holocaust
  6. Listen to Jewish Creators about antisemitic dogwhistles and conspiracy theories
    1. This includes (but isnt limited to): Lizard people, the “ELITES” running the world, Jews controlling the media, George Soros
    2. This also includes proper training of TikTok employees to properly recognize antisemitism.
  7. Stop letting people be blatantly antisemitic whenever MENTIONING being Jewish or even Israel. 
    1. That includes commenting “Free Palestine” on every video, saying IsNotReal, toilet paper flag, etc
  8. Stop letting creators who’ve been REPEATEDLY antisemitic continue to post
    1. All y’all know who we’re talking about


Personal stories: 

  • “I duetted a video of a stitch someone did “if you close your eyes, your Bs will be prettier” and the kid drew a Swastika. It took over a week of reporting the video before it finally got taken down. It had over 660k likes by that time and most of the comments were about “snowflakes” and how “if you dont find it funny you’re just looking for reasons to be offended”... No… It’s generational trauma. And of course, the video I made, the duet, was put under review when I posted it." - @daniellesilverstone
  • "All of my videos with #Jewish, #Jew, #Antisemitism are immediately put under review for minutes, just for the hashtags” - @daniellesilverstone  
  • “A creator I like posted a video of her making challah. For months following, she was attacked by Nazis in her comments section. Tik tok has been a breeding ground for antisemitism and nothing has been done to stop it.” - @celiaclesbian 
  • "On a duet of me singing a song about pogroms in remembrance of the Nov Pogrom Massacre (Kristallnacht) a user requested that someone kill me so that I’d shut up. That comment was still up an hour later when I found it." - @sj_rachel
  • "I made a video responding to an antisemitic comment threatening to resurrect hitler to get me to shut up. I had to not use “#antisemitism” censor the other user’s name, me saying “hitler” and the text that said “hitler” in order to not get the video immediately muted." - @sj_rachel
  • "Comments continuously making fun of my nose" @ariella.elm
  • "All the comments on my videos talking about Zionism (not political Zionism) talking about how Zionists are no better than N*zis. Like pls don’t compare Jews to the group of people who literally tried to exterminate us?????" - @annigays
  • "Someone said that They should bring the holocaust back just to gas me and then they hope I live so that trump can bring back slavery and wip me.. and then they can say my name like Breonna Taylor’s" -  @jewishoreo82
  • "I’m so sick of my videos not showing up under my hashtag #jewishdiaspora and being put under review... all I want to do is show that we exist all over the world and it’s very insulting and a kick in the gut when that happens." - @lewthegayjew
  • "There is a lot of inconsistency with my posts regarding Jewish communities around the world. Sometimes they get put under review, other times they won’t show up on the FYP (and I have data to back that up) and other times they will not show up under my #jewishdiaspora. There needs to be more consistency with how TikTok treats Jewish content. Jewish content is educational content and they need to recognize that!!!!" - @lewthegayjew
  • "I tried to stitch Tr*sha’s “I’m dating a Jew so he’ll always pay for me” video to point out how wrong it was and to report her and it immediately got taken down" - @marabosloy
  • "I made two videos on a kid that made a rly horrible holocaust joke - both of mine got taken down while his stayed up" - @le7kohn