Restore sweetcarolinekelly's TikTok account to full functionality

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Sweetcarolinekelly's account has been taken down due to violations of community guide lines. Caroline has lost a college scholarship, a supportive fan base, money, all her videos, almost a half mil followers, and so many more important things due to the account being taken down.

This past week two of her videos had violations due to content that wasn't approved by Tiktok. Usually Tiktok takes them down and gives you a warning. OR they suspend your account for a week. They didn't do any of this, instead they went right to deleting the account. Caroline has contacted them many times before due to them not specifically liking her Omegle video content. <<<facts behind this are 1.) she has been removed from the #omegle on Tiktok. 2.) when she was going viral off her videos and was gaining 60k-100k a day. They paused her account for two days so they could control her follower intake  3.) Last but not least they have made sure her Omegle videos and normal videos don't reach the fyp>>>

Please sign this petition and share the link to help this creater get her account back. She meant no harm to her fans and just wants to make people laugh again. 

much love to the broski, tinyhatfam, sweetcarolinekelly community family.