Have TikTok remove any content involving the “George Floyd challenge”!!

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There is a challenge currently “popular” on the app TikTok. It’s called the “George Floyd challenge”. It shows teens (white teens) kneeling on the neck of another teen and with a big smile on their face. This is a racist, inhumane challenge and needs to be deleted from TikTok IMMEDIATELY!!! We’re calling for TikTok to remove anything related to this challenge NOW! We’re asking TikTok to remove its users from TikTok too, if such a challenge is posted on their app, for at least a week, as a reminder that such hate will not be tolerated. If TikTok does not remove such challenge, a petition will follow to BOYCOTT TikTok. Please sign, in the hopes of having this disgusting display of “humanity” removed. It starts with our children, and our children need to be taught that this is wrong on every level of humanity. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW TO HAVE THE “GEORGE FLOYD CHALLENGE” removed from TikTok.