Change TikTok's Community Guidelines Algorithm

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The TikTok algorithm for their community guidelines targets and censors marginalized creators ( ie. that are BIPOC, LGBTQPIA+, and/or living with a disability, etc). My account @RosalynneMontoya with 300K+ followers was just deleted along with many many others. I use my social media to spread education and love. I've never violated TikTok's community guidelines.

I had transphobic trolls report my educational videos about the trans community and my own transition until they were removed from TikTok. Trolls should not have more power than creators. The vast majority of every TikTok video that was reported and removed was placed back on the app after I appealed them, because no rules were broken. These instances shouldn't count against me. After a dozen or so of my videos and live streams were reported and removed by transphobic trolls (even if appealed and deemed to not violate CG), the violation reports added up enough to get my TikTok account with a third of a million followers deleted. This is a MAJOR FLAW.

TikTok needs to update their community guidelines and algorithm. Too many creators are being deleted for nothing. I am including other people's stories in the updates of this petition. CONTACT ME TO ADD YOURS! We want transparency. We want real people reviewing profiles that were wrongfully deleted. This is blatant discrimination and censorship. Let's discuss how we can help make the app truly “prioritize safety, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity,” as stated in your community guidelines. Let's create accountability by, say, incorporating an advisory board with creators that are members of marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQPIA+, people with disabilities, etc). 

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