Demand That The Province Of Ontario Keep Foster Families Together

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As many of you know my parents have been foster parents since I was three years old. There has always been kids in their care over the years and they have always raised them as if they were their own. I have four siblings that are not biologically related to me but they have grown up with our family since they were babies. They call our mother "mom" and our father "dad" and they know their place in the family is as valuable as anyone else.

Recently, Tikinagan Child and Family Services and Dilico Anishinabik Family Care have chosen not to work together and to not have children from the other care in a company shared foster home. For many foster homes this means their children will be separated. Personally for me this means that my family could lose three children or one child depending on who they choose/apply to foster for.

I know many foster homes feel the same as my family. These children are children and cannot be "rehomed" at convenience. These children need to stay together in the home they grew up in. They don't need more changes in their life. They have parents/caregivers. They are loved. They are needed. If the home is a safe space and a place they can experience growth then it is important they have the option to stay where they thrive.

I would like this petition to go around so that people can be aware of what is happening and if you disagree with this decision please take a moment to sign and share this post. I am hoping with enough signatures we can change this decision and keep families together.