TikTok to assess their algorithm as it promotes eating disorders and poor mental health.

TikTok to assess their algorithm as it promotes eating disorders and poor mental health.

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Started by Alana Marris

Ever found yourself scrolling through TikTok till the early hours of the morning and becoming numb to the content conveyed? Ever inevitably compared yourself to specific videos and trends incessantly popping up on your feed?

We're a brand that are campaigning for Tik Tok to STOP overwhelming their users with content that is proving detrimental to their mental health. Specifically we are focussing on eating disorders and body dysmorphia triggered by up and coming trends such as "thinspo" content, "body checking", "what I eat in a day" and "ED recovery" videos. These are extremely harmful and promote unhealthy eating habits to adolescents, a demographic that are already extremely impressionable.

Prior to research we have found shocking statistics, ED was present in 51.7% of girls and 45% of boys  who were following strict exercise and meal skipping due to social media content. We as a brand feel this is massively due to the Tik Tok algorithm as from our own primary research we have found that showing interest in just one aspect of food content can spiral your feed into being bombarded with potentially damaging videos.

We are petitioning that Tik Tok address this issue and move forward with their successful platform by displaying initial flagged up warnings included with ED content as it is already available to other harmful themes such as violence. We want TikTok to take responsibility as despite their lack of control for content produced by individual users, they have the power to promote or disassociate those videos from users feeds. How it is regulated is down to them.

We hope you join our campaign against Tik Tok's harmful algorithm so that change can be implemented and to further help raise awareness to other social media platforms so that they asses their own algorithms of being mindful towards mental health. 

144 have signed. Let’s get to 200!