Clean up Gnejna Bay/Beach

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Gnejna Bay is a beautiful sandy beach, but the only problem is that it needs to be cleaned. The sandy beachy part needs to be cleaned from all the stones that there is instead of sand and dirt so when you go down into the water it is much nicer and cleaner. The roads, pavement etc.. need to be cleaned from rubbish, bad  dry grass etc.. so whoever is walking down or up from Gnejna can walk comfortably. The part of the boathouses needs to be cleaned as well as people leave all the rubbish behind. It's such a shame, we have a beautiful bay and no one takes care of it. Parking area needs to be cleaned, maybe some more parking spaces will be done. While on the slip way part "Chickken" NO CARS & BBQ's ALLOWED AT ANY TIME so people who need to use slip way will be easy for them. Any of you that have other ideas please let us know, we need all the help we can get.