Tide Banking to treat EXISTING Business Customers or have their BBL Accreditation removed

Tide Banking to treat EXISTING Business Customers or have their BBL Accreditation removed

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Richard Poppleton started this petition to Tide Banking and

Tide banking must stop taking on new customers for the BBL loan scheme when it cannot service its existing customers

Many small business are suffering unnecessarily at the hands of Tide Banking , the government granted Tide Banking a licence to distribute this much needed loan to keep these small business and the economy afloat, but the government did obviously not check the ability if Tide Banking to deliver these urgent funds.

Tide Banking must stop taking on new customers, prioritise its existing customers and give everyone a HONEST place on the list.

Tide Banking have turned the BBL scheme into a lottery and this was never the design of the BBL loan scheme.

We Tide Banking Customers request that Tide are more open and honest, that they deliver what they applied for and that they stop taking on new customers immediately or hand back their BBL accreditation to the Government.

As an account holders with Tide Banking. We ask the government to take 1 of 2 actions.

1. that your force Tide Banking to provide an online application form for the Bounce Back Loan and pay out the loan to its account holders who are eligible within 2 days. if this cannot be done then

2, withdraw the accreditation from Tide Banking.


Companies and Business are facing going under and are sinking each day because of the lack of payouts to account holders by Tide Banking.

The financial institution are telling their account holders they do not have the finances to pay out the BBL. they do not provide an online form, they run a raffle style waiting list where it has not worked in numeric order. Account holders entered a waiting list on the day your accredited Tide Banking.

The communication from Tide to the account holders is non existent. They refuse to reply to any messages for 5 to 12 days, they refuse to give any information on the list and where the account holders are on the list or how long they will wait until the BBL is provided

Members are now comparing conversation they have had with Tide when they do finally reply, and to say the story changes daily is an understatement. The story does not just change, it evolves.

The companies that hold accounts with Tide are watching other companies with banks being paid out within 1 hour to 2 days with their banks following a simple online form being filled out.

The process is simple and helpful and it has been set up that way for a reason has it not? It is not right or fair that Tide is ignoring the system set up and replacing it with another system that simply means businesses will fail. The waiting list is 60 thousand. Tide say because of the size of the waiting list they cannot guarantee all eligible companies will be provided the BBL, yet they continue to advertise for new business and add them to the already huge and non-manageable list. Members are finding they are numbered a certain number one week and another number the next week but Tide say they are now working in numeric order 1,2,3,4,5, and so on so your waiting list number should not and does not change. However that is not the case for many members.

When you the Government accredited Tide were you not under the impression that Tide had the finances to pay out its account holders? it would seem strange to Tides account holders that The British Business Bank did not need to verify the ability of Tide to actually be able to do what it told you it would do.

A lot of Tides account holders have simply concluded they are not going to receive the BBL and they have folded their companies, it is disgraceful that Tide have been allowed under the accreditation of The British Business Bank to cause this to happen to companies .

We ask that the British Business Bank and the Government to take real action against Tide Banking and provide supervision of their actions and force them to provide evidence of the funds they need to pay their members.

If Tide cannot do so, and if you cannot provide Tide a way forward whereby they have to pay out the BBL in the same time frame as banks and other institutions you withdraw Tides accreditation.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!