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Dear Tibetans, give Freedom of Speech to Lukar Jam

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Lukar Jam's life is hanging in balance  after both Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and Chithues condemned Lukar Jam for using his freedom of speech. Lukar Jam is not opposing His Holiness, nor is he disrespecting His Holiness. He is simply sharing his views which most of us don't agree with. But we have to accept that he has right to share what he thinks.

Here are links to two three videos shedding light on Lukar Jam case. 

1. MP encouraging banning Lukar Jam society  in Parliament in March 2017

2. A restraurent owner bans Lukar Jam from his restraurent for his political opinion

3. His car vandalized and his wife's complaint to Indian law enforcement 

If you are a potential signer, we suggest you look at these clips , and make your own mind whether to sign or not.  This is a man who thinks differently, and has a vision. And we all should support him, and defend his right to speak vigorously. We are reminded how Galileo in 17 century Italy was condemned by authorities for voicing that " Earth goes around the Sun" when everyone thought it is flat, and sun slavishly tittered around the holy earth! 

If we don't stand up for him this time, then the fast disappearing talk of Rangzen will disappear in less than a decade. Rangzenpas are an endengered species nowadays. They are poached by ruthless politicians for their own agendas. Now we have to step up to the plate, and take a stand. 

On 23 March 2017, former political prisoner and ex-candidate for the Tibetan premiership who stood on Tibetan Independence Movement platform, Lukar Jam, was to discover a heart-wrenching scene on his doorstep- his car was smashed and all windows were broken.  His wife has written a report to police and frankly expressed fears about their physical safety in series of letters posted on facebook. The beleaguered family speculates that whoever had done this shameful act, he/she didn't agree with his views or is an running-dog of the Chinese. But in either way, we fear Lukar Jam and his family's safety. 


There had been actual physical threats in the street of Dharamsala made to the outspoken couple, as revealed by Pema Choedron on 23 March 2017. We request fellow Tibetan people to respect Lukar Jam's freedom of speech- even if you guys absolutely disagree with him. We think the better to way to respond to Lukar Jam is through real debate and discussion, challenge Lukar for a debate if you think you think you got better points.  Use logic, argument, brain, and examples. Don't go physical please. 

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