Child Developmental Corresponding Placement

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I would like to change the current law in the state of Oregon that groups divides children based only on their age in Certified Child Care Centers and/or Certified Preschools.

We are fighting to allow child care providers in centers and preschools to be able to move kids into different groups based on their level of development not their age. Grouping children based on age does a disservice to our children and does not allow our children to thrive in the areas they are strongest or grow in the areas they need to grow.

We would like a law that allows us childcare provides and educators who spend a great deal of time with our kids and who know them very well to be able to place the kids in their corresponding group throughout the day as we see fit.

Our mission is to give our children a true head start and to make sure we are able to enrich our students in every aspect of development without restrictions and limitations.

An outdated law created by law makers who do not understand child development in this day and age should not hold us back, our job as advocators for children in early childhood education is pushing us to make this change.

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