Tia drowned at hydrotherapy don't let another animal drowned.

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On November 7th 2015 I took my dog Tia who was 11 years old for her weekly session of hydrotherapy. Paws 4 Hydrotherapy is based at Stapleford Nottingham.  Anne Westwood the owner of the business was not there, she had left Carolyn Daly in charge. Carolyn had done hydrotherapy with Tia once before but I didn’t know that Carolyn was not qualified in hydrotherapy, which caused the death of Tia. My Niece who was only 10 years old at the time filmed the first part of Tia’s session. During the first session I sat on the clients chair which was on the lower floor away from the pool.  I could not see Tia properly.  As Tia had had fourteen sessions previously I wasn’t worried about seeing her for the full session.  During the second session Tia collapsed in the water and died. Canine Hydrotherapy Association viewed the footage that my Niece had filmed. They informed me that Carolyn at the time was into her fourth year of becoming a vet. They said Carolyn should have noticed the amount of water that Tia was taking in. She should have known how distressed and exhausted Tia was and that Carolyn should never have put Tia back into the water, for the second session. Four years of Vetting School and Carolyn never once noticed that Tia was in danger.  When Canine Hydrotherapy Association finished their investigation they terminated Anne’s membership. The CHA informed me that every member has a right to appeal, however their case put forward to Anne is very strong. Anne did put in for appeal against the CHA final decision but later on Anne decided against the appeal process. The CHA informed me that Anne’s CHA membership has been terminated following the death of Tia.  The RSPCA have worked on the case for two years. The trial date was set for 11/12/2017. All the evidence was there. Video footage. Post Mortem report cause of death, drowned. Reports from highly experienced vets which stated Tia had suffered. NARCH report. There had been several hearings each time the Judge said it needed to go to court, because it’s within the public interest. The CPS withdrew the case three days before the trial date. Despite them saying it was right and a proper prosecution but they believe that it’s not within the public interest. The RSPCA had to withdraw charges against Anne (the owner) because of the decision by the CPS re Carolyn. As they could not use evidence against Carolyn to use against Anne. The public do need to know hydrotherapy is not licensed,which is hard to believe. My vets recommend hydrotherapy for Tia because she suffered with arthritis in her legs. At the time my vets didn’t know hydrotherapy is not licensed.  Vets are recommending hydrotherapy because of the benefits that the animals are getting from it.  I have lost all faith in the system. The system has let Tia down. Tia should’ve had her day in court. Where’s the justice for Tia.  Anne, who is still trading left her business in the hands of Carolyn who was not qualified in hydrotherapy.  It is fact Carolyn is responsible for the death of Tia.  Has this got to happen again to another poor innocent animal for the CPS to realise that they made a massive mistake and that they should have let the RSPCA do their job. I will be the voice for Tia and all the other animals making sure this never happens again. Tia was my baby, my world. Believe me I never ever wanted to share the video footage on social media as this is heartbreaking for me to do. But I feel the CPS have left me no choice. Before you watch the video please be aware that it may cause upset. I know if my Tia was still here and I watched the video, yes it would upset me, but I would be thankful that I now know how dangerous hydrotherapy is if it’s done by someone who is not qualified.  I would like to say a massive thank you to the RSPCA for everything that you did for Tia.  I am now in contact with my MP regarding my Campaign, for regulations to be put in place for hydrotherapy. Below are the regulations that NOW need to be put in place so this never happens again. 

Hydrotherapy to be licensed.

Hydrotherapist to be in the water with the animal.  

Two Hydrotherapists to be present at all times.

 Must have level 3 in hydrotherapy.

Regular inspections.


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