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Reinstate THS Theater's Production of "Six Characters in Search of an Author"

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In May 2014, Thurston Theater's production of "Six Characters in Search of an Author" was approved by administration. Now, an entire seven months later, after planning the theater production schedule around this play, auditioning, casting and beginning to rehearse, the Acting Ensemble class is being told that the production, supposed to be held in February, is cancelled. A new play for them to perform was chosen in one night, that is similar in the way that it is absurdist as well, but it does not contain any dark/mature themes. The reason being for the change is supposedly that the "conservative" community of Thurston will not understand the play and can misinterpret its dark themes such as prostitution, death, suicide. TO CLARIFY: there is no incest in this play. The two characters are related only through marriage and no actual sexual events occur on stage or in the story. The daughter is a prostitute and her previous stepfather from her mom's marriage visits her and he realizes who she is before anything happens. Even though these are not light topics, they are real issues that are worth talking about and bringing to light.


The class of 2015 theater students have worked entirely with light and safe material, and this play was their chance to grow as actors in a new genre and was chosen for that reason. This is being taken away from them. Please show your support for THS' Acting Ensemble class.

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