Protect our children bring bussing back!!

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First off I know that there's a petition for the public board but one needed to be done for the catholic board as well.. Let me begin my petition... I'm a mom of three, two attend a Catholic school. I also watch children before and after school that also attend the same school as my children. These 3 children are eligible for bus and have a pick up time as well as a drop off time yet my children do not? The children I watch are in grades jk,2 and 5, my children are in grades 2 and 4. I've contacted the school in which they advised me to call the board which I then was transferred to student transportation in which my call went straight to a machine in which I had left a message. I have yet had a response or a call back yet like most parents who have left a message. If my 2 children are not eligible to catch the bus I will be that parent that will be keeping them home in -40 weather. When children take the bus they have better attendance, because using the bus helps families establish morning routines and ensures parent’s work schedules don’t interfere with getting to school.Taking the bus could potentially reduce the number of children who are absent. And I will say that a 7 year old and 9 year old aren't allowed to stay at home alone why should they be allowed to walk to school alone and on top of that on one week my 9 year old could be walking by herself as we have shared custody with the 7 year old. A little bit about the area we live in. We live in westfort which across the street from us is a methadone clinic, around the corner a bar, and down the street a tavern. Our area is okay in the morning but by noon it becomes a busy area. The parking lot across from the bar becomes a very busy place. I've witnessed numerous people doing drugs behind the old royal bank and people are intoxicated all over the parking lot. A lot of people are complaining about the bussing system and some of the negative responses are parents now a days are lazy . Well this in fact is not true . Parents now a days are forced to work two jobs in order to make ends meet. Therefore with bussing being eliminated parents are forced to find alternative means which could lead to paying for childcare or being late for work. The catholic school board had the funds to create two new beautiful high school track and fields which cost 2.3 million dollars each! If this could be fesable then bringing back the bussing system can be to! 

I encourage everyone to sign this petition and fight for what we believe in. Times have changed our city has changed. I challenge the school board to step up and help us parents/grandparents/guardians fight to keeping our future generation safe. I want my children to arrive home safe then not to arrive at all... Don't you????