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Change current school policy regarding head lice in the classroom!!

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 I am starting this petition to send to the individuals in charge of decision making, at the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board with regards to the rules of children with head lice at school.
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It is utterly maddening that kids are allowed to attend school with lice.
I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind this decision. It needs to change!!!
Children who have lice should be sent home and not able to return until the problem is cleared up. Simple as that. According to their website, The Lakehead Public School Board sends their kids home, so why can't the Catholic board do the same??? It will prevent re-infestation. And not to mention the fact that seeing live bugs crawling around on your 5 year olds head is actually horrifying.
When I called the Thunder Bay District Health Unit on Friday to inquire about the situation I was told that it's the School Board who makes the rules about kids with lice.
I was told by the health unit that while lice is annoying and a nuisance, it's not a health threat.
Well, I agree and disagree with that.
I agree that it is not only annoying and a nuisance but also VERY costly.
Last Thursday evening my bill at Shoppers Drug Mart was $161!!! That was for shampoo $35/box, spray, laundry soap etc. Not only did I spend $161 on Thursday but I also had to miss a full day of work on Friday with no pay.
I chose NOT to send my child to school with active lice plus it took a FULL day to wash all the bedding, pillows, jackets, hats, hoodies, hockey equipment, Halloween costumes etc = costly.
And there's no guarantee that he won't come home next week with lice again, because they don't send kids home!!!!
I disagree that it's not a health issue. It is!! The shampoo that my whole family had to use (because obviously we aren't taking any chances) is FULL of toxic chemicals. The spray for non launder-able items is so toxic that you have to vacate the area for 4 hours after you spray it!! I certainly don't want to have to use it again!
Back when we were in school, a nurse would come to the classroom and check all the kids heads. Those with lice were sent home and not allowed back until it was gone. I'm not sure why this process can't happen today.
On Monday I'll send my kids back to school lice-free, and I can only HOPE that other parents took the same measures with their children, as I did with mine. If they didn't, then this cycle will continue to happen. It's absolutely maddening.

Possible solutions to minimize recurrent outbreaks: Ongoing lice checks at school, send kids home if lice is found, lice check before kids are allowed back, individual bags for kids to put their jackets before they hang up them. 



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