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Stop Angela!

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I met someone named Angela some time in 2011, a girl who claimed to have been beaten at school and she said that the school just lets it happen.

I am sure that Angela has graduated high school by now. She was making a huge deal about how Selena Gomez did not smile at her when she met Selena and Angela said because of that she felt insulted by Selena. Angela changed her story about what she claimed happened at the so called meet and greet, clearly she was forgetting what happened or she made it up because the two stories contradicted each other.

So basically now 6 years later and Angela clearly still hates Selena's success and her own failure to tarnish Selena's career, more so than ever. Yet it's much worst than that. Clearly Angela makes everything on her blog up, or she says things that are common of every celebrity, like how most of them smoke cigarettes so saying that Selena smokes had a very good chance of being true and it was!

There is no way that everything she says could be 100% untrue yet whenever most people catch on that something she says is 100% not true then Angela deletes it. You can tell when Angela deeply hates someone, that is when what she says is 100% not true. She is saying something because she is pissed off. She has deleted over a dozen articles that I know were deleted and I have not payed much attention to what she says most of the 5 or 6 years that she ran her blog, sorry for not being sure how long, it was so long ago and I never thought she'd still be at it, as well as her deleting so many things she posted, so I do not have much evidence so you will have to take my word for it.

I was shocked that after stanning Demi hard core for 6 years that Angela grew to hate her too, what she wrote about Demi she deleted because it was not at all accurate. Over the years Angela grew to hate a lot more celebrities than Selena. As far as I know the only celebrity she likes still is Emily VanCamp, she has used photos of Emily VanCamp as her profile photo much of the time she has ran her blog, and she is still using a photo of Emily VanCamp right now as I write this, the actress who acted on the show Revenge. I have put Emily VanCamp's management company as a receiver of this petition in hopes that maybe they could have Emily VanCamp reach out to Angela by contacting Angela's web host. After all I do pity Angela, what a pitiful and sad life she lives with so much hate in her, to hate so many celebrities, even a woman she idolized for 6 years! This woman needs help and I think is crying out for it.

Twitter, Tumbler, instagram and her web host, I ask you to all remove the accounts that she has with you. Not only is she using them to do very nasty things that hurt a lot of people, she is spreading a lot of lies and misinformation. She is not part of the news media so she can not be protected by the freedom of press. Also I feel that if she is separated from how she lives online life right now then she could actually be forced to start recovering, and to allow her mind to think in a way more healthy way for her and others.

I hoped that I'd never have to go this far, yet enough is enough. Her hateful and her deceitful actions intentional or not have gone on way too long, are very stale, and are very rotten. I hope that the following accounts are removed and that Angela could return one day a useful person for a change, a happy person that can make people happy rather than humiliate her self even further.

Every signature made to this petition is someone who agrees with this petition, and agrees with asking you to take action(s) like suggested in this petition.

Thank you, and bless you!

Please take away the domain and the web hosting associated with

Tumblr please take away

Please take way the following twitter accounts @exposingsmg, @argenthearts, and @exposingsmgblog

Please take way the following instagram account

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