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Our son Vinson is a wonderful person, father, brother and friend and we are proud to be his parents.  Vinson has always had a love for music and as he grew we endured the banging of drums, tunes on keyboards, singing and rapping.  After high school, Vinson attended a community college to study Computer Information and Music Engineering.  Vinson started getting out and meeting people in the local Atlanta clubs and music industry and soon he began to promote club party's and produce music concerts leading him to create his Georgia Incorporated Small Business.  But Vinson's dream was to own his own recording studio and work behind the scene with aspiring Artist.

In March 2011, Vinson and a close friend found what he called, "the perfect spot".  It was a building that was large enough to have a recording studio, a work area to create "beats" and a room for dance rehearsals.  After almost 10 months of remodeling and applying "sweat equity", the building was transformed. As Vinson and his partner prepared to host their first major video shoot at their new studio, they could never imagine what would happen next and how it would destroy all of their efforts. 

On Dec. 16, 2011 three armed Gang members intimidated, threatened, attacked and brutally beat Vinson in Vinson's Recording Studio. The attack was broken up and they were told to leave his Studio.  Instead, while Vinson was trying to escape, these 3 armed Gang Members came after him again to "finish him off".  Vinson was able to get to his firearm and fired one shot that hit one of the gang members who later died from his injury. The sad part is, his fellow gang members failed to call 911 and get him immediate medical attention for his non-life-threatening injury, which could have saved his life. Instead, they transported him to the hospital in the back of an old pick-up truck not wanting any police attention because they both had outstanding warrants.  The Gang immediately put out a Contract Hit on Vinson with a $50,000 bounty which they posted on Facebook along with our home address and my cell phone number. 

 Although Vinson's Attorney submitted overwhelming evidence to Fulton County Superior Court, Judge Craig Schwall to support that this was a Gang Attack and that Vinson acted in Self-Defense and HAD A RIGHT TO STAND HIS GROUND.  Judge Craig Schwall denied the evidence and Vinson was tried for Murder.  No action was taken against his Gang attackers. Instead, the State of Georgia used the Gang members, Vinson's attackers, as their main Witnesses in the Murder trial. 

On February 26, 2013 Vinson was found "Not Guilty of Murder and Manslaughter" by the Jury. But, this same Jury found Vinson Guilty of Aggravated Assault and Unlawful use of a Weapon.  To this, Judge Craig Schwall found it necessary to Sentence Vinson to the Maximum of 20 years for the Aggravated Assault and 5 years for the Weapons charge because he felt "he owed it to the citizen's of Fulton County to keep a violent criminal (Vinson) off the streets".  Vinson did not have a history of violence and the only charges on his record were traffic citations. Vinson was a small business owner, trying to make a living for his family and be an asset to his community.

The State of Georgia's STAND YOUR GROUND Law is rarely granted for African Americans and it needs to be fixed and free of Discrimination. 

The State of Georgia has a Gang Act of 2007 that protects citizens from intimidation, threats and acts of violence from Gangs. This Act could have been applied by the Court but it was not, allowing these Gang members to get away with their assault on Vinson and punishing Vinson for defending himself.  

 Please help us send this messege to Assistant District Attorney, Walton and the Judge Schwall that the right thing to do is be fair and not punish Vinson for defending himself.  He had the right to Stand His Ground and Please dismiss the charges.

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