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Oct. 29, 2009




Q: What were the instructions?
A: The instructions were to kill [Morris Dees].

Q: How close did you get to killing Mr. Dees?
A: Within days.
            - Testimony of former neo-Nazi, Nov. 12, 2008


Thankfully, this plot to kill Morris was thwarted by an FBI informant. But according to the same informant, there are many other white supremacists bent on seeing Morris dead because of his courtroom victories against violent hate groups.

That's why I'm asking you to make a special contribution to help us pay for our critical security measures. We need your help to keep Morris, the SPLC, and our staff safe so that we can continue to do our vital work.

Just since 2000, hate groups have increased in number by 50 percent. As the number of hate groups grows — currently 926 active groups — so does the threat against us.

Help us ensure the safety of our staff.
Donate today.

President Barack Obama's historic election has boiled white supremacists' anger to a new level, resulting in real violence — such as the murder of a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the killing of five other law enforcement officers by white supremacists.

Our security analyst, a former CIA agent, has stressed the need for enhanced security measures at the SPLC, "in light of recent attacks in 2009 against high profile targets associated with Civil and Human Rights causes."

Our security costs are staggering, but they're a measure of the threat that we face.

Please be as generous as you can and make a special, tax-deductible contribution today to help protect Morris and the staff.

Thank you for standing with us at this critical time. Given the reactionary forces that are determined to set us back, it's more important than ever that we continue to stand together. Please speak out against the day-to-day bigotry and incivility that threatens to divide our country. Be a champion for justice in your community.

Thank you for your support,

J. Richard Cohen

President, Southern Poverty Law Center


P.S. We've increased our security measures because of the rise in violent attacks by fanatical extremists. An additional gift now will go a long way toward helping us meet our security needs. Thank you again.


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