legalise cannabis for those who suffer from epilepsy. My brother, son, two cousins need

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I have five members of my family who suffer with epilepsy, they include my son and my brother.  My brother was diagnosed in 1983 and have been taken medication for this period of time, during this period he has had many hospitalisations and has come close to death on two occasions.  My son was diagnosed three years ago and have been hospitalised 60 times and has had three occasion where he has also had to fight for his life.  the medication prescribed for then has serious consequences on the physical health, bones become weaken, mental well-being, relationships, work and their social life etc.  The illness have left feeling like a burden, a misfit of society. Although they all are very  responsible people inasmuch as taking medication, appropriate, rest,  eating, and limiting their stress, they have all suffered attacks.  They are unable to drive, undertake many types of work, due to the risk facts of working with machinery etc.   This illness has a had serious consequence to our family in so many ways but the worst is seeing my love ones struggle to stay seizure free, our working patterns have altered dramatic as the episodes are random. Reactions from the general public have been wide and varied, depending on ones experience and knowledge of the condition.  I have been following the studies carryout in America on the use of Medical marijuana and the effects on suffers, I am  of the view that the legalising of Cannabis would provide suffers with a quality of live that many of us take for granted.  The use of legal cannabis can also be used in other area of medical practice such  as Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Crohn's disease,  Chronic pain, Glaucoma, Multiple sclerosis.  I believe that legalising medical marijuana would remove the treat of suffers been criminalised,  and stigmatised.   



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