Stop radiation emitting cell sites in neighborhoods

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Cell phone companies with paid-for support from the FCC through their lobbyists are "railroading" dangerous cell phone sites into our neighborhoods to deliver 4G networks now and 5G networks in a couple of years. 4G sites emit dangerous levels of radiation (RF radiation); 5G sites will emit much more intense radiation and will be closer to your home.

The City of Thousand Oaks had adopted an ordinance/approach that lets wireless companies select the cheapest and most convenient sites for their towers - often in residential neighborhoods. The city council is accepting a bogus fact that they are beholden to FCC regulations over the safety of their citizens. There are safer alternative sites but our elected officials capitulate to the demands of cell phone companies. The city council's primary job is to protect its residents!

Radiation studies relied on by the FCC are from the 90s - when cell phones were only used for voice calls. Further, there are no studies of 5G radiation proving it is safe. Radiation is invisible, city laws, commissioners and elected officials are not prepared to deal with it.

If we let this happen the results will make people sick. There are numerous studies to get educated on the effects RF radiation. Please help us stop the cell tower invasion into all our neighborhoods. Your community, family members, especially children and the elderly, need your help.