Protest against unjustified grace rule system in Aktu university,Lucknow

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There are thousand of old batch passout students in aktu university ,Lucknow, who have not yet been awarded their ug courses degree even after completing their respective ug courses in session 2015-16 and 2016-17 from Aktu university,lucknow due to one or more than one back or carry papers in any semester of their ug course from Aktu university and are not able to get the grace mark to clear their back as AKTU, university,lucknow has bounded  the grace rule system of 40 marks due to which thousand of students career are at stake and their career is spoiled by Aktu university. I want all such students who has back or carry paper even after completing their respective ug course from aktu university to sign this online petition so that new grace rule system should be applied in favour of such a huge number of students who has not yet been awarded their degree and their ug course duration is being extended. I appeal on behalf of such huge number of students to university, kindly, Change grace rule system  of 15 mark and please bring with new rule in grace system such that if student who has completed their ug course and has back or carry paper from the marks in between 9 and 15 in their semester Theory subject of their ug course, then grace should be awarded those students if student scoring of 10 mark or more than 10 mark in theory subject of any semester so that their career may save.