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SAY NO to Stronghold Update 2.0 - DH5 - We want our keepers! [comment add IGN/email]

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We cannot allow this change to occur - especially without an implantation of other aspects of the game (which even if promised at a later date, would ruin the game until and only IF they followed through with such changes).

A) no keeper means people will rule who have champions - and that is fairly simple to say I for one will not spend money on a gamble let alone the chance to not even get 1 champion

B) I see no point in working on gear anymore without having a keeper to provide this gear to - otherwise all that is left (as of right now) is higher waypoints - and once you finish those (if they are ever beatable!) the game is well.. over!

C) I for one do not want to have to fight constantly and win battles alone to keep leaderboard status, I finally am at a point I can not login for a day or two and stll remain where I am on the board where as in this new SH update we'd be in trouble if we're the people without the champions to guard our stronghold.

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