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Today Sara my dog got shot by chris brown a thornton colorado police officer. I live in a trailer she was in the neighbors fenced in area cornered. When the cop approached her. The cop says she lunged at him and he shot her. Okay so if you were corner and had a gun pointed at you what would you do? My answer is run in fear. Which the officer was blocking the only exit to the fenced in area so of course she moved towards him. I can not confirm but i believe three shots were fired. She was shot in a way that her spine was severed immediately. So she was shot in her back and that is NOT a position of some one in attack. There was very much delay between them retaining my dog and taking her to the Huron animal hospital. Which they didn't do in tell i was in the street screaming. One officer of the 8 out there said we will taking the dog in a minute. After much talking i still don't know the whole story. My dog did NOT bite anyone and never has the sweetest dog ever. My 9 month old son loves playing with her and she loved him. She has never even flinched when getting poke in the eye by my baby. The cops were responding to a call of a dog at large scaring kids. As they were telling my dog is dead they gave me a ticket. Was shooting my dog not enough? Still have yet to see or hear any evidence to my dogs crime just her dead is all I have. And many questions.
Why was Sara my dog not Tarazed or pepper sprayed? They all had both on their belts.
Why was a patrol officer responding to a ANIMAL control issue? The animal control officer was standing there with a catch pole and sara was shot before the animal control office had a chance to do anything, the animal control officer told my husband at the vet hospital. If they were not guilty of shooting my dog in cold blood why did they pay the vet bill?
Please help me get some justice for my dog Sara she was the greatest dog EVER.

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