Socialspy and Vanish

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I would like socialspy added to all staff ranks and vanish/gmsp added to JrMods. Everyday I get asked to warn or ban someone for /msging someone something inappropriate, and since I don't have socialspy I would tell them the same thing every time. "Please show me proof on discord, the servers website, skype, or hangouts." Most of the time people would stop caring about it. It really is annoying when this happens and it would save a lot of time if the rest of the staff team had socialspy and not just the useless Srmods+ (I claim as useless since I only see 3 srmods+ doing stuff). Pretty much the same thing with vanish/gmsp. I would get a report of a hacker and I would spend most of my time just trying to find where the hacker is on the map. Half the time the supposed hacker would log off before I would even get a chance to see him. Its really frustrating to know that someone was hacking but you didn't get a chance to see them. It often leads to people thinking i'm a useless/bad staff member. I was thinking what if helper had vanish/gmsp then I remembered it was a trial rank so... yeah. I would love to see PvP-Masters change just a bit more to make the life of lower staffs lives easier.

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