Ban the Berkeley Hunt from Thornbury

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Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs and anti hunting supporters call on the councils of Thornbury Town and South Gloucestershire to cease from allowing the Earl of Berkeley Foxhounds from meeting in public places, for example Thornbury town centre on Boxing Day. The hunt are not believed to hunt within the law and have been witnessed pursuing foxes many times by the public, recently at Slimbridge WWT where birds were also terrorised. There is film evidence of hunt staff damaging protected badger setts for fox hunting purposes. There are Artificial Earths designed to hold or encourage foxes for hunting on Berkeley Estate land and surrounding areas. We welcome the Mayoress' Shirley Holloway's decision not to attend the Boxing Day hunt meet of 2018. While many people watch the ominous spectacle of a Christmastime hunt meet, the majority of the public are against hunting and would like to see an end to it. We call on the councils to do the right and democratic thing and consign this hunting tradition to history. While unfortunately the hunt can continue on private land and their own estate, it would be an ethical move to prevent the hunt from advertising itself in a public manner.