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Add Gamera to Legendary's MonsterVerse

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Legendary Pictures has made something rare and special happen by combining franchises (Godzilla and King Kong), which has only happened previously 50 years ago. Thomas Tull, once CEO of Legendary Entertainment, continues to work for the company via the "MonsterVerse". This man is dedicated to kaiju fandom.

Before the rights to Godzilla expire from Legendary, we ask that you pursue obtaining the rights to Gamera (property of Daiei / Kadokawa Pictures) for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

Most Godzilla and kaiju fans have heard of Gamera, and many are under the false understanding that Gamera and Godzilla are part of the same franchise. Nonetheless, people associate the two characters with eachother. Toho, the company who owns Godzilla, also helped produce 3 Gamera films in the 1990s.

However, since the release of those specific films, there has been little to no effort by their respective studios to give the fans the crossover movie they've longed for. That is where Legendary Pictures should come in. 

Daiei / Kadokawa is uncertain how to (or if to) proceed with making future Gamera films. Legendary's creativity and position of power presents a limited time opportunity to expand their new MonsterVerse and give the fans quite possibly the ONLY chance we will have to see a Godzilla/Gamera film.

Please at least try to fulfill our childhood dreams and create something Legendary. Thank you for your time, consideration, and effort.

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