Charge DE GOP Leaders for their incitement of terroristic actions in DC

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DE GOP leaders have spent weeks organizing Delawareans in bus-tour fashion to attend the events yesterday, 1/6/2021 in Washington D.C. There are numerous social media posts that were made and reshared by members of the DE GOP, both elected and failed, recruiting people to join them in "stopping the steal at all costs" of a legitimate democratic election. This is sedition and treason and is not a representation of the people of this state. Most importantly, this is a direct violation of the 14th amendment and these officials should be removed from duty at once. Jane Brady, as chairwoman of the DE GOP, is sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States of America and to provide representation for the people who elected her. We demand that she and any other elected officials that participated in ANY capacity in yesterday's attack on our Country be charged accordingly at once and held accountable for inciting domestic terrorism.