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Free Peter "Pedro" Rocha, Investigate Kevin Hardy White

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Dear Deputy District Attorney,

This is a petition signed by the many acquaintances, friends, co-workers, and family of Peter "Pedro" Miguel Rocha. You'll find among these signatures, many more victims, not of Peter Miguel Rocha's but of his “alleged victim” Kevin Hardy White, and Kevin's partner in crime/girlfriend, Dianna Lopez Pederson. You'll find strangers to Mr. Rocha, but not to Mr. White or Ms. Lopez-Pederson. People who have been conned, stolen from, burglarized, used, abused, and lied-to by these two Con-artists. Who have lost countless amounts of money, possessions, time and in unpaid-labor in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

We have come together in an effort and to make a plea that you

1) Drop the charges of Burglary in the 1st Degree against Peter Miguel Rocha, as he burglarized NOTHING, and that it stems from the illegal filing of a police report by Diana Lopez Pederson of “Trespassing” against Mr. Rocha, so that she and Mr. White would be able to commit larceny against him. Ms. Lopez-Pederson had offered Mr. Rocha a place to live in lieu of labor (and unpaid wages) in their illegal, and non-licensed “business”. After just 12 days, and without an order of eviction, Ms. Lopez-Pederson locked Peter out of his new home, called the police, and signed a “No Trespassing” order, but did not return his belongings, and stole over $1,000 worth of tools, art supplies, even his clothing and toiletries. A simple investigation by your department will reveal these facts, along with the testimony of the two Spokane Police Officers who escorted Mr. Rocha onto her property in October of 2016 to retrieve his belongings. As stated, most of his belongings were not there, they had been stolen and moved elsewhere.

2) Investigate, with Mr. Rocha's help, and the information provided to you by Mr. Rocha's defense attorney, all of the numerous police reports, victim statements, and Sheriff reports from other counties such as Whitman, Stevens, and Spokane Valley, filed against Mr. Rocha's alleged victim, Kevin Hardy White and his partner/girlfriend Dianna Lopez Pederson. Furthermore, move forward to press charges against them, and get them off the streets of our beloved State of Washington, so they can no longer hurt and steal from the good people of this beautiful state. We request that you also contact the Sheriff Departments of Northern Idaho, and Western Montana in an effort to discover even further police reports, or victims, of Kevin Hardy White and Dianna Lopez-Pederson.

3) Offer Mr. Rocha a plea deal of time served, with or without probation, for the charge of Assault 2 against Kevin Hardy White. Mr. Rocha has served 43 days imprisoned at the Spokane County Jail facility at the time of the creation of this petition. Please, sir, release him with “time served” at his upcoming pre-trial hearing in a few short days -- December 9, 2016.

Peter Miguel Rocha is a loving father, a friend to so many, a world-wide-known artist and lover of the arts. He has very little criminal history. His last offense was over 14 years ago, and was NOT a violent crime. He cares for his disabled partner, and her disabled and dementia-suffering mother. He runs a five acre farm in Deer Park, WA. He cares for his two step-children. He is a hard and industrious worker, with Washington state-issued licenses in welding and fitting. He has letters of recommendation and commendations from many outstanding citizens on the East Coast, all of which can be provided to you. Mr. Rocha's alleged actions/crimes are not in his character, as the simple evidence of criminal records show. We, as his friends, family, acquaintances, and victims of Kevin Hardy White and Dianna Lopez- Pederson, ask for your mercy, and your conscious to do what is fair and just in this case.

Thank you for your consideration,

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