Keep Grafton dispatch. Keep the police department open 24/7/365

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Now that the board has transferred EMD (Medical emergency 911 calls) to the county which is approx 11% of all 911 calls. We need to maintain our Grafton Police Dept support system which is our current Grafton dispatchers for the other 89% of calls. Grafton residents have made it clear in years past and now that they WANT local control of these crucial safety services. The officers have made it clear that they rely on the support their dispatchers provide for them. Residents have been clear they want the support they provide to the community and the safe haven they provide to the public. What's the point of replacing them with clerical staff that has not been trained to deal with critical police matters. There are NO REAL benefits to the public doing this, either financially of practically. Residents have made it clear that they want this to go to a referendum for their approval. Residents have also been clear they are willing to pay the FEW dollars it takes to maintain this level of support to our officers and the community. It seems absurd that we can afford over 1.5 million in fire equipment in less than 3 years to be sent to a small percentage of calls but we can't afford to maintain the police dept that RESPONDS TO 100% of the calls they receive. It has been documented by the news that residents were dismissed by the village board at the April 2nd meeting and voted away EMD anyways. Don't let them do the same to our Police essential staff needs. If you truly "BACK THE BADGE" you need to have your voice heard immediately. Yard signs are useless.