Optional In Person Lecture for Spring 2022 Semester

Optional In Person Lecture for Spring 2022 Semester

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Tyler Rodriguez started this petition to Thomas Jefferson University Nursing Program

Dean Marie Marino,

My name is Tyler Rodriguez and I am a current Nursing Student at Thomas Jefferson University where you currently sit as our Dean.  I am reaching out to you, with the voices of concern of many of my colleagues, regarding your email dated 4 January 2022, deciding to conduct the rest of the spring semester virtually.  I would greatly appreciate some of your time to read our below concerns and take them into consideration regarding the Spring 2022 semester. 

The concerns for our own safety was appreciated but many feel that the decision directly contradicts many of the correspondence we have received pushing for higher academic performance.  The main example was mandatory in-person lectures with  repercussions for absences.  Not only did this cram us into classrooms but in many ways bellittles us in our ability to take our own academic responsibility.  

Some study, learn and feel safer staying at home.  Others, like myself, need an in person class to be engaged in the material. I suggest taking the University wide two week break from in person lecture then resort back to the optional in person lecture with a live and recorded panopto/zoom like we did last semester.  Zoomuniversity will drastically negatively affect many of my peers' academic performance this year and I do not want that to be the reason for either failing out of this program or constraining us in our academic progress. 

Since the beginning of the year we have all complied with the Universities and CDC’s PPE protocols, but to facilitate this suggestion we can wear our provided N95 masks and can socially distance.  

Further emphasizing my concern for virtual learning, how has Jefferson, using last year as an example, guaranteed that all students have the resources for virtual learning? (ex appropriate space to participate in lectures, strong at home internet connections, safe home life and clear audio from the professors without distractions) 

Many would like clarification on why we are allowed to attend in person clinical, exams and competency days but not allowed in person lecture.  Is there a plan in place to assure attending these requirements would not get us sick and then infect our families, faculty or our patients. 

Lastly, I understand that the spikes in Covid around the country is stressful on all health care systems and many would like to help.  I would like to start the conversation of filling many of the nursing shortages that Jefferson Hospital has with the Nursing Class of 2023.  I suggest that this opportunity count as part of our clinical hours and fit during our virtual clinicals.     

I have reached out to you because I believe you have the ability to make these changes.  I hope that this can facilitate open communication in the next coming weeks so all students can be successful for the remainder of this semester. 


Tyler Rodriguez

B.S. Rutgers University 

Thomas Jefferson University

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