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Abolish Anchor Days!

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Anchor days are a creation born of hatred and are a form of cruel, inhumane torture and need to be stopped immediately. 

What is an anchor day?

An anchor day is a special block schedule wherein every single class that a student has is shoved into the most miserable 7 hours of a person’s life. Anchor days lead to higher stress, heavier bags, and (due to compressed classes) provides reduces academic activity in every class a student has. Legend has it that the reason the name ancho days was picked was because students would rather strap a 30 ton anchor to their back than go through the agony of Anchor Days.

Anchor days cause over 70 minutes to be wasted in one day. Students regularly complain about anchor days and their detrimental effects to their mental state. You would think that the 4th best school in the entire country would prioritize student well-being and be a little more considerate to the people that make the school what it is.

If they’re so bad, why do we still have them?

Teachers find anchor days useful, because they can reduce the energy they put into lesson planning one day a week, leading to the stalest slogfest ever recorded in human history to date. 

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