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Do not share Yahoo users' information with Verizon

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Recently, Yahoo has been bought by a company called Oath, which is owned by Verizon. This means that by September 2017, Yahoo will be sharing users' information with Verizon so they can "optimize" users' experiences, or so they say. I have tried to explain to Yahoo customer service that I did not consent to this and it's a violation of my privacy, and they closed my case.

Principle 2 of the Data Protection Act of 1998 says that "personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specific and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or other purposes". Yahoo are exploiting this and are potentially going to send us more advertisements we don't want, sign us up for more mailing lists we did not sign up for, or, since the new FCC regulations allow big businesses to allow faster Internet lanes to websites we like, manipulate the information we receive.

Principle 6 of the Data Protection Act states that the client has a right to object to decisions being taken by automated means. By shutting down my protests and giving information to Verizon without my permission, they are deliberately ignoring this principle.

Worst of all, this is corporate blackmail. Yahoo explains that if you don't want your information shared with Verizon, you can delete your Yahoo account. Of course, we can't do that, because a lot of our information is stored on our emails. They are not giving us a choice in our privacy.

I am not going to allow them to get away with this.

If you don't consent to this either, please sign.

Thank you,

Tamsin Parker

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