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Stop Outsourcing CT Jobs to India

Northeast Utilities is planning on outsourcing hundreds of middle-class jobs to India. According to the Hartford Courant, NU is finalizing an agreement with two IT companies based in India. The workers are apparently being told that some jobs will be shipped overseas while a lucky group of them will have the opportunity to work for the subcontractor.


I have a simple question for Thomas May and Charles Shivery: Why am I paying for a public service that is going to outsource my neighbor's job to India?


The company claims this is part of an effort to reduce costs, but their financials tell a different story. NU recently announced that in the first half of this year they earned $399.1 million, which is a significant increase over their 2012 earnings. The Chairman of NU's Board, Charles W. Shivery took home over $6 million in 2012, which is 181 times the average workers' salary.


Sign the petition to call on Thomas May and Charles Shivery to stop shipping Connecticut jobs overseas!


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  • Thomas J. May, President and CEO of Northeast Utilities; Charles W. Shivery, Chairman of the Board of Northeast Utilities

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