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Stop United Airlines from forcibly removing paying passengers in favor of standby UA staff

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The practice of bumping off paying airline passengers in favor of United staff and friends and family of United staff must end. It is clear that the current policies in place by United to incentivise paying clients to voluntarily leave in exchange for a remuneration either in cash, voucher or ticket has too many practical and technical problems to continue. This was evidenced on April 10, when a 69 year old medical physician refused to volunteer himself off the flight after he pleaded on deaf ears to United personnel that he needed to be attend to patients at the hospital that employs him.

United had the other options however the current policies didn't allow them to keep upping the ante to say $2000, or $5000 until the next volunteer agreed to leave the plane in exchange for his or her seat. Rather than continuing to negotiate with all the paying passengers, United decided to contact the Police and have them act as a private security service and forcibly remove the client even though he at the time was not breaking any law or committing a crime by remaining on the plane. Unfortunately the attending Police officers as evidenced by the numerous viral videos, clearly showed that they had no respect or concern for the United client and continued to take on the task of being a mercenary security officer and rough him up. The force which they used to pull out the frail 69 year old doctor was so great, that he flew across the aisle and knocked his face on the opposite arm rest. It's not clear at this moment whether the Police hit him or not, or whether the passenger sustained the injuries by being thrown into the aisle and opposite seats.

He was dragged, almost looking unconsciously off the plane. It wasn't clear whether he was just scared for his life or physically injured which prevented him from reacting to being dragged like a Columbian Cocaine Mule off the plane by the DEA.  In spite of many passengers protesting the actions of United and the Police, they continued to remove the passenger.

It's not clear from the news wires what the circumstances were of his return back onto the plane however it's clear from subsequent videos that he was in shock, mumbling to himself that "he must get back" and it seems to sound like he was saying "just kill me". He was pacing up and down the aisles and then grab the cabin curtin like a scared child. The video clearly showed his bloodied face and busted lip.

This petition is not mean to ask for the removal of any management of United or change of leadership but rather to bring awareness and make a reasonable demand for United to change its policies, procedures, and logistics about how to deal with accommodating United staff including friends and family on fully booked flights. This current system and methods are a debacle at best and have so many shortcomings that I truly believe from a corporate risk assessment perspective, this is a 800 gorilla United should want to rid itself of as soon as possible. 

I'm asking for your support to sign this in order to respectfully bring to light this problem to United legal counsel and executives in order for them to prioritize this as a must do task for the next quarter. I'm not here to bash anyone or request for the removal of anyone. This is call to action and I just feel compelled as a citizen of concern so that this never happens again to another United passenger going forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Iizuka, Lake Oswego, OR

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