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Stop the Visiting List

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On October 4, 2012-Cook County Jail will institute a visiting list for inmates that limits only seven people to visit per month. This is a discriminative practice and not only harms  the inmates, but restricts families and friends. Family visits to loved ones are uplifting to the spirits of all involved. Limitations set on these visits are disrespectful and unfair. For example; If a family member who lives out of state decides to comes in town, a disabled relative having a good day or even a cousin who has the day off work wants to visit their loved one they would not be allowed. Why? Because it would be likely that inmates would choose family members or friends-even their children who can commit to visiting consistently. Families shouldn't have to commit to visits. They should be allowed no matter when they decide to as long as it's the inmates visiting day.  Also, Families aren't limited to seven people. I questioned various of Corrections Officers about the list;  "Hispanics have too many kids" and "there are too many baby mama's running in and out of here" among other things said-this is silent discrimination that must be addressed publicly!
Please assist me in letting Thomas J. Dart, Cook County Sheriff, the City of Chicago and the Department of Corrections know that they have no right to restrict families of inmates, and that jail is a holding place not a prison. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Black and Latino inmates from under privileged families make up the mass majority of Cook County Jail. Families of inmates should be allowed to visit whever they can.

Everyone is an extension of someone. Even if it's not your family today, we never know what tomorrow brings...



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