Thomas Cook covering up cases of sexual assault/attempted rape

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To help encourage Thomas Cook to prevent any further sexual assaults at the massage parlour on Athena Resort Sicily. By removing and investigating the man who sexual assaulted (or what some countries would call attempted rape) me during a massage there last week. Thomas Cook have a duty of care to protect their unsuspecting guests and employees from visiting this beauty parlour.

My leaflets and posters containing warning messages about the parlour were all removed the same day. For these warnings, I was forced to leave the hotel property.

My primary motivation is not money, but the protection of everyone staying at this 'family friendly' resort.

Link to original Facebook post and videos:

Thomas Cook,

!! URGENT !!

Until very recently I was an employee of yours. I worked in the Animation team at Athena Resort, Sicily. As you know, on 12/07/2018 I was a victim of sexual assault during a massage from the business owner of Samsara beauty parlour.

When first informed of this incident, Athena Resort offered me two options on how to proceed. Going directly to the police and reporting Andrea Insacco, leading to a one on one battle... Or allowing Athena to make the report, meaning less stress for me. Either one I choose, Andrea Insacco will be removed from the resort... or so I was told.

The next day I met with the GM and the Director of the hotel, who told me that they couldn't cut the contract they had with Andrea Insacco, because I had no proof of the assault and they didn't want the risk of being sued. However they ensured me that they will not be renewing his contract next year... seriously?!!! Meaning that for the rest of the summer the hotel is knowingly endangering every guest and staff member.

Realising I couldn't rely on the hotel, I decided to report to the police myself. However Athena offered to call the police to come and talk to me the following morning or provide a car to take me to the station. I agreed. Unfortunately, the morning of 14/07/2018 the director of the hotel said they had a lot of arrivals that day and was too busy to call the police. Not wanting to waste yet another day, I payed for my own taxi to Ragusa police station with my choreographer (Natalie *****) who could translate for me.

I was told to come back monday because I needed an official police provided translator to report the crime.

I waited painfully for two days, where I worked as normally as I could while knowing Andrea was still giving massages. During this time I warned people not to go to Samsara. I knew I had to stay in Sicily to report the crime and considered leaving the resort to stay in Ragusa until it had been done. But I wanted the Hotel to see me and to know that I wasn't going to give up and disappear.

Monday I went back to the Police with Natalie. There was a woman behind the desk this time and, surprise surprise, there was no problem filing my report without a police provided translator. I booked a flight home for the wednesday.

The night before leaving I took the leaflets advertising Samsara (which were still in reception), wrote warning messages on them and stuck them to as many hotel doors as I could. The day i was due to leave I took the posters from outside Samsara and again wrote warnings of sexual assault, sticking them up in the terrace of the hotel reception. I told the new UK guests who had arrived that day what had happened and they thanked me for warning everyone. They were sorry to hear I was leaving because they had seen my name numerous times in good reviews on trip advisor.

Athena Resort removed my leaflets, posters and warnings... Then had me removed from the property. I asked what would happen if i refused to go and i was told the police would be called. After a rushed and tearful goodbye, to the few team members who knew i was being forced to leave, i was taken to a hotel in Ragusa to wait for my bus to the airport. I was given a room at the Mediterranean Hotel where the receptionist, Mario, came with some food for me. When he returned to take the food away he sat on my bed and tried to kiss me... I felt like i was going mad! I left the hotel, not before telling one of Mario's colleagues what had happened, and went straight to the bus station. I decided that spending the time before my bus in a public place was safer than anywhere provided by Athena.

Now I am in the UK and I am devastated. Thomas Cook were not there to support me in any way. You offered to move me to another resort to work... THIS DOES NOT FIX THE PROBLEM! I have put my heart and soul into Athena resort, where I have my team who are also my family. I am totally heart broken! I have worked 15 hours a day for 4 months to ensure your guests have had a good holiday. For your UK guests I was often their best source of information and entertainment due to the lack of english speaking and organisation in this hotel. I was a good, hardworking employee and I loved my job... I could not stay knowing Andrea was still there working. The hotel had rather see me leave than get rid of a man who has brought them money for the last 7 years. yes... he's been there 7 years! I want to know why Thomas Cook failed to offer me any kind of support during this traumatic experience?! While this man is still working at Athena, you should not be sending any guests there and you should remove any employees you have. This is the option if Andrea does not leave.

I have paid for my own taxi to the police station, my taxi to the bus station (which I didn't use due to being removed from the property), my own flight home... and now have only worked just under 4 months of my 7 month contract. Here is what i think you need to do... Firstly you need to demand that Andrea leave Athena Resort and a police investigation take place, while explaining that Thomas Cook will immediately remove all their guests and employees if this does not happen. Secondly, provide me with my wage for the full 7 months I would have worked if it weren't for being sexually assaulted and forced out of working at this resort. Thirdly, PUBLICLY apologise to all your clients and employees who you have knowingly left in danger this past week. Lastly, apologise and THANK Stephen ******, the animation team leader, for trying so hard to help me and being the only person of any kind of position in Athena to give me support.

From Harriet Bailey,

a victim of sexual assault and STILL NOT SILENT