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Save the E.P.A.

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Recent endeavors by the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, has caused great controversy between the citizens of the nation. One of the President’s decisions was to increase budget for military and industrial companies. Having a greater budget for these industries would be beneficial, but the budget cuts needed to help their budgets will have too much of a negative impact on other organizations. The organization that would be most affected would be the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.). The budgets cuts for the E.P.A. will have a huge effect on the daily life of everyone, but it would especially impact the students at universities. Because there is a lack of funding, students will be less likely to study sciences in college, and they would be more likely study fields dealing with technology because that is where the money is. This would help with technological advancements, but if the world is no longer inhabitable because of pollution than those advancements would mean nothing. The increase in the industrial budgets would bring more revenue to the United States which would be beneficial, but the extra money should be used to benefit the country in every aspect; not just one. We need to let our state representatives know that we believe that the environment needs to be protected, and that the budget cuts towards the E.P.A. should not be so great. There needs to be a compromise that benefits all aspects of the nation, not just one.

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