Installation of air filters in delhi NCR region to purify the deadly air

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Normally in a day the people of Delhi NCR who inhale oxygen is actually equivalent to  smoke 6-7 times a day.In worst conditions this figure is 12-15 times a day.The cause of this problem is  the large industry set up in Delhi and NCR region from where large amount of deadly gases are exhausted into environment,not only industries but also pollution from stubble burning in delhi surrounding states and vehicle pollution also contributed to the same extent.Now its your responsibility to raise an alarm for the govt. and people because ultimately your life is at stake ,the lives of our children going to school are at stake,the lives of daily commuters by road are at stake .Many countries have installed large air purifiers which significantly brought down harmful contents from the air so that their citizens are given their most important fundamental right "Right to life".... Now its your turn to bring the change ....please sign the petition.