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"I am superior to you", "No I am".

This is our everyday life story now. 'Feminism' was such a great concept. Yes,I would use 'was' ; because nowadays people are using it in a hate speech. Few women are using it to show how superior they are,how they don't need a man in their lives. When It's not about needing a man in your life or not,it's about empowering yourself.

We don't have to go shoulder to shoulder with each other and compete in everything. Feminists and Male Chauvinists are both extremists where no good can come out of it.

True equality is when you could do the things you want to,without any hindrance of the other respective gender. Where you support and respect each other,(where you pay equally for the bill share). Equality is not about competing or blaming the other gender or accusing them of things or using hate speeches.

#trueequality for this century.