Please Help Us Today with Leifer Extradition

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Please Help Us Today with Leifer Extradition

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Ayelet Shaked Minister of Justice - Israel (The Minister of Justice - Israel)

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Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Let us help Dassi Erlich; Beyond A Survivor in her quest #getleiferback. This petition will really help her.

But we need your help today. Malka Leifer is still walking free overseas and escaping 74 charges of child sexual assault - it's abhorrent. Please join us today in emailing the Israeli Justice Minister urging for Malka Leifer to be extradited to Melbourne to face charges immediately.

Email this address -

Thank you.

Please also show your solidarity by considering adding a twibbon to your Facebook page and let these courageous women know that we all stand with them!

Tzedek is a Not For Profit organisation and relies on donations to assist the continue its advocacy work. Please donate through our website

Michelle Meyer, CEO at Tzedek

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This petition had 4,484 supporters

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