Single parent adoption

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First we will talk about what this is and then why we should support this cause.

Single-parent adoption is the adoption that is given to only one person,Be it a man or a woman, obviously, it must have a relatively acceptable economic stability to be able to maintain the adopted person and provide him with a life full of happiness and joy, since the only thing that what is needed to live well is joy and a good relationship with your guardian, but what happens, most people do not agree with this and think that the "old school" which is satisfied with mom and dad is necessary to have a very happy family, but what these people have not thought is that to be happy you only need two people, who get along and have a very good trust with each other and this helps to have a great single-parent relationship.

Let's talk about the solutions, a very practical solution would be for people to think and reflect, and ask the person if they are really capable of taking care of a person, of being able to support them economically, but what they do not know is that this person She had had a very horrible accident in which she lost her husband and her son, she was left alone, and in order not to feel that way, she decided to accept single-parent adoption and adopt a child so that she would not feel bad, but ... what do I want? Will it get? ... that a person who does not agree with this single-parent adoption must know the history of the person who wants to adopt, because we do not know the situation they may be going through, so that is why we do this survey of signatures, because we really need that the adoption positions do not have any children, that we already know that we have a single-parent adoption in which we can count and know that they will be fine