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Lachlan Ramsay's Crippling Addiction to Tanks

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Recently, my dear friend Lachlan Ramsay has become addicted addicted to World of Tanks. He plays during school. He plays before and after supper and while I am studying for my future. He plays during the evening while I am waiting for him to spend time with me. He sits in front of the screen nearly every spare hour of the weekend. Every time I talk to him about his game playing, he lies to me. When I ask him if he knows how much he plays, he lies and says he doesn't know, although I hear him talking through his headset with his "platoon buddies" (i.e., strangers, fellow addicts) about his daily statistics. When I talk to him about how he is ignoring me and wasting time he could be spending doing revision, he lies to me by agreeing, then cuts short his game play for a few evenings after doing a few minutes of math, but quickly returns to old patterns.

He said he had to leave school early so he can get home for a "scheduled battle." I often start group revision late due to these scheduled games, or he is constantly jumping up from the table to rush to his computer to continue a new game or check on some status.

I've tried the logical approach, and he just lies to me. Although I never shy away from confrontation, I also do not want set myself on a path that will lead to an ultimatum at this point. I would appreciate advice and suggestions for first steps.

Thanks for your assistance and for the cathartic process of telling my situation to someone who might listen.

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